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Update 5/29/16

Aizenta / AngelsFly A posted May 2, 16

Application are closed and we will be reviewing them until tuesday.

We be selecting people starting around 5/29/16 come check back everyday or during sunday to see you been approve.

Disclaimer: We have the right to reject your application forums for any reason. If your application is rejected doesn't mean we dislike you. We only have limited of space for many application.


We might also be invite user into our discord server with text channel only for PvE dungeon. Still talking to the Management team about it. Currently the ToS text chat is up on our discord server. Stay tune for update regarding our public text channel for rA Discord Server. Yes this is going to be a public text channel in rA Community Discord Server

Note rA does not use this page at all, but only for requirement for the guild. Fill free to sign up.