rA (Renegades Army)|Site Info|Guild website
Yes welcome to our guild site. What games do we play? Well the game we play are Elsword and Phantasy Star Online 2. We also play other game off and on. We host a raidcall in which we sometime play mini games like board games and Uno for the funs and Lawls. We can have guild moment when raidcall or chat are weird or even funny. But all I have to say is Welcome to the site.
For the raid boss timer it might be off 0 - 10 mins because of  raid boss spawn time can be off so the gap is 0- 10 mins.

Ill be updating it daily so the delay time don't get bigger then 10 mins.
Raidboss countdown is in testing so delay can be higher

1. If the count down is around 1 hr and 20 -30 mins means rb can be spawn because of the   0 - 10 min gap.
2. When the countdown hit 0 please refreash your page by hitting F5